Why Sacred Sites Were Destroyed for the Dakota Access Pipeline

This summer, Tim Mentz Sr. told the world via a YouTube video, which has now been removed by the user, about the destruction of his cultural heritage. A former tribal historic preservation officer of the Standing Rock Sioux, Mentz wore a baseball cap, rimless glasses and two thin braids of graying hair. He was upset… Read more »

At Standing Rock and Beyond, What Is to Be Done?

by Eric Martin Near Cannon Ball, N.D. — “We love you!” yelled someone from our line, linked arm in arm. We were facing Dakota Access Pipeline workers threatening us with baseball bats and wrenches, one of whom had only moments ago sped his large truck through our ranks. They had called us “the scum of… Read more »

Pipeline protesters must leave their camp after Army Corps closes land

Dakota Access Pipeline protesters vowed Saturday to remain in their camp after the Army Corps of Engineers told them to leave the federal land they’ve occupied. Activists protesting the continued construction of the pipeline were told to shut down one of their camps by Dec. 5 in a letter sent to the Standing Rock Sioux… Read more »

DES to request additional $7 million for DAPL response

North Dakota Emergency Commission members began the month of November by approving state funds for addressing law enforcement costs relating to Dakota Access Pipeline protests and it will end the month on the same note. Commission members, on Wednesday, will be facing a request to increase a line of credit by $7 million. If approved,… Read more »

UK’s Daily Mail: ‘No pilgrims, no pipeline!’ Hundreds of Dakota Access Pipeline protesters gather on Thanksgiving

The Dakota Access Pipeline demonstrations raged on during the Thanksgiving holiday, with 300 protesters taking to the streets of a North Dakota city while others gathered around a hill they claim has tribal burial sites. The protesters blocked traffic at an intersection and other streets in Mandan shouting ‘Shame on you, North Dakota!’ and carrying… Read more »

Anti-Dakota Pipeline Activists Ramp Up Efforts on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving wasn’t a day of thanks Thursday in parts of North Dakota. Hundreds of protesters tried to build a wooden bridge to cross a creek and reach purported tribal burial sites, almost 200 people took to the streets in a nearby small town, and more than 150 others blocked a bridge to share their anger… Read more »