Anti-Dakota Pipeline Activists Ramp Up Efforts on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving wasn’t a day of thanks Thursday in parts of North Dakota.

Hundreds of protesters tried to build a wooden bridge to cross a creek and reach purported tribal burial sites, almost 200 people took to the streets in a nearby small town, and more than 150 others blocked a bridge to share their anger over the continued construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The demonstrators coordinated the simultaneous demonstrations on Thanksgiving: the first at Turtle Island, where they constructed the bridge; the second in the small town of Mandan; and the third at Backwater Bridge — where law enforcement allegedly used a concussion grenade that severely injured a woman’s arm.

“Today’s multiple protest events on Thanksgiving day were no surprise to our law enforcement team,” Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said in a statement. “The energy these paid agitators and protesters exerted to try and draw our law enforcement into confrontations did not work. We will respond in kind to any advances protesters make on our line. It’s their decision and they can bring an end to this.”

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