Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Chairman gives thanks

Cannon Ball, N.D. — The following statement from Standing Rock Sioux Chairman, Dave Archambault II, can be quote in full or in part.

“As Lakota, we do our best to follow the teachings found in our language and culture. Wopila is our word for thanks, and it is important to practice gratitude in all our daily lives.

And we, at Standing Rock are thankful for so much that the creator has provided—for our family and friends, and the experience of togetherness.

We are also grateful for those who understand the importance of respecting and safeguarding our water, our homelands, our sovereignty. These past few months have tested us, but we have remained strong in prayer and peace in spite of violence from law enforcement.

We have been blessed with the support of millions. Whole communities and cities have said, “We stand with Standing Rock,” calling for President Barack Obama to deny the easement and to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline from ever crossing our sacred waters. We thank you for standing with us and for standing for all our future generations.”

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Chelsea Hawkins

Sue Evans