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Tell @POTUS to say #NoDAPL by signing the #StandWithStandingRock petition!

Do you know what’s going on in Standing Rock @POTUS? Sign the petition to #StandWithStandingRock: #NoDAPL

Will you #StandWithStandingRock @POTUS? Let’s say #NoDAPL & sign the petition:

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Tell @BarackObama to say No DAPL by signing the Stand With Standing Rock petition!

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I stand with the standing rock join me and tell @barackobama to say #NoDAPL by signing the petition a click the link in my bio. StandWithStandingRock #NoDAPL

I’m saying #NoDAPL and @barackobama should too. Sign the petition and #StandWithStandingRock link in my bio.

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Call The White House

Tell President Obama to Stand With Standing Rock and “deny the easement to the Dakota Access Pipeline.”

  Call President Obama


Sustain our fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline by donating to the Standing Rock Sioux.