Obama puts Dakota pipeline on Trump’s desk

The Obama administration’s decision to deny permits for the Dakota Access pipeline puts an early, high-profile decision on President-elect Donald Trump’s desk.

Trump has backed the pipeline, something his transition team reiterated on Monday.

“That’s something we support construction of, and will review the full situation in the White House and make an appropriate determination at that time,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller said Monday.
Supporters of the project heaped scorn on the Army Corps of Engineers’ Sunday decision to reject a construction permit for the pipeline’s route across the Missouri River and instead conduct an environmental impact assessment of the project.

Native groups and environmental activists cheered the decision, which represented a huge victory for protestors who had set up a large and growing camp near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation, which lies near the proposed pipeline.

But their political win could be short-lived in a Trump administration, which will take office after the inauguration on Jan. 20.

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