LA Times Editorial: Say no to the Dakota Access Pipeline

From The LA Times Editorial Board:

The pipeline — designed to transport 470,000 barrels of oil a day from North Dakota to Illinois — has become a lightning rod for an array of issues, from historic tribal claims on the privately owned land through which the pipeline will run to the environmental risks of pipeline leaks to the wisdom of expanding the nation’s fossil-fuel infrastructure when the United States should be weaning itself from carbon-spewing fuels. And there is an underlay of social justice: An early proposal called for the pipeline to run north and upriver of the city of Bismarck, but that was changed in part over fears that a leak could harm the city’s water supply. So now the route runs just north and upriver of the Standing Rock reservation, and under a dammed stretch of the Missouri River from which the reservation draws its water — threatening the health of a less politically powerful, lower-income population.