Fulfilling the Prophecy of the Grandfathers


April 7th

Moderator: Virgil Taken Alive

12:30 pm: Posting of Colors/Wapaha

Opening Prayer: Wichakini Owayawa – Lakota Language Immersion Students

Opening: Summary of Meeting – Tim Mentz Sr

1:00 am: Summary of Great Plains Tribal Water Alliance – Reno Red Cloud

1:15 pm: Adverse Impacts of Oil and Gas infrastructure Energy Projects on Oceti Sakowin Reserved Water Rights – Peter Caposela, Esq.

2:15 pm: Our Grandmother is Crying – Gauging Climate Change in Indian Country – James Rattling Leaf Sr.

3:15 pm: Break

3:20 pm: Oil Spills in the Balken – Kandi Mosset, Indigenous Environmental Network

4:00 pm: Protecting Mni Sose’- Efforts of the Water Protectors of Oceti Sakowin Camp –

Phyllis Young, Standing Rock Water Protector

5:00 pm: Retire Colors – [Supper on your Own]

6:30pm: History of the Song – Naca Olowan – Emmanuel Black Bear – Creek Singers

9:00 pm: Retire Drum

April 8th

Moderator: Virgil Taken Alive

8:00 am Posting of Colors/Wapaha – Prayer – George Iron Shield

Summary of Day 1

9:00 am Oral Knowledge of Mni Wiconi – Harold D. Salway, Pine Ridge, SD

10:00 am: Treaty Lands/Sovereign Lands of Tribal Nations – Mario Gonzales, Esq.

10:50 am: Break

11:00 am: Reserved Water Rights: Developing a Tribal Water Code and Administrative Systems – Wes Martel, Fort Washakie, Wyoming

12:00 pm: Lunch – [On your own]

1:00 pm: Keynote Speaker – President Russell Begaye, Navajo Nation

Introduced By: Vice President Jonathan Nez, Navajo Nation

2:00 pm: Break

2:10 pm: The Power of the Data: Native Nations Creating a New “Ground Truth” for Water Quality Throughout North America – Yvette Running Horse Collin – [In Conjunction with Chris Rezendes of loT LABS]

3:00 pm: Using Big Data, Management Principals and Systems to Gather, Safeguard, and

Protect Western Scientific and Traditional Knowledge Sources for Native Nations- Sean Collin Esq. Professor of Law and Management, CEO IpWatch Systems Corporation

3:50 pm: Federal/State Law v. Natural Law, Protecting Unci Maka from Pipeline Development [DAPL & KXL] Tim Mentz Sr. Makoche Wowapi

4:50 pm: Indigenous Youth Water Protectors – Bobbi Jean Three Legs

5:30 pm: Retire Colors – [Supper on Your Own]

6:30 pm: Showing of Documentary Film on Oceti Sakowin Camp – Mr. Edsel Pete, Navajo Nation

April 9, 2017

Moderator: Virgil Taken Alive

8:30 am: Posting of Colors/Wapaha – Prayer – Summary of Day 2

9:00 am Honoring our Sacred Sites/WPPD – Arvol Looking Horse – Canupa Owanyanka

9:45 am: Stone Features Identified in DAPL Corridor – Tim Mentz Sr., Makoche Wowapi

10:45 am: Archaeology in the Great Plains – Kelly Morgan, PHD, Tribal Archaeologist, Standing Rock Sioux Tribe – THPO

11:30 am: Statement of Tribal Consultation Committee (TCC) – North Dakota Department of Transportation – (NDDOT) – Jeanie Borcher, NDDOT Archaeologist “TCC Statement of Significance of Stone Features in the Great Plains”

12:00 pm: Lunch – [On Your Own]

1:00 pm: Ceremony – Load Canupa Prior to Proclamation Signing: Arvol Looking Horse


“A proclamation to solidify the unity of all Tribal Nations that came in 2016-2017 to Stand with Standing Rock to: Make Climate Change a National Tribal Agenda in Indian Country; to lobby Congress and seek redress on the adverse impacts of Infrastructure Energy, Oil and Gas Development that destroys our Reserved Rights to Clean and Fresh Water in the Nation; and to seek Legislation to prohibit Oil and Gas Pipelines from crossing underneath or over Navigable Waters.”

1:30 pm: Q & A – Discussion on Signing of Proclamation Document

2:00 pm: Honoring of Tribal Leadership Signatories- Retire of Colors