DAPL Employee Plows Into Standing Rock Camp Firing AR-15

Masked with a bandana, he looked at first like a water protector. Papers found in the car showed he was something else: private DAPL security.

Early Friday morning, a man bearing an AR-15 rifle broke through a barricade and sped toward the Oceti Sakowin camp, where thousands are camped out to resist the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe posted an account of what happened next:

As reported via video evidence from the front lines on 10-27-16. A man berating an assault rifle broke thru a barricade and was speeding toward the Oceti Sakowin camp, he was run off the road 1/4 mile north from the Camp. The man exited the vehicle where he appeared to be disguised as a water protector. He than fired several shots from his assault rifle. Tribal Law Enforcement responded, the man was than apprehended. Insurance Documents from the vehicle reveal that it is owned by Dakota Access Pipeline. We commend the BIA Law Enforcement to their commitment of public safety and for their quick response and apprehension of the suspect who was clearly meanings to do harm.

The insurance documents also name Thompson-Gray LLC; according to its website, Thompson-Gray LLC provides “programmatic, financial, as well as information technology support” to the Department of Defense. Clients include the U.S. Army Threat Systems Management Office, the North Carolina National Guard, and the Alabama National Guard.


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