Dave Archambault II remarks Native Nations march on Washington, D.C.

Today, it is not only we Native Americans that are being ignored and pushed aside in favor of the interests of another. Many of our ally communities are experiencing what we have been for centuries: our ways of life are being destroyed, dictated, limited, and manipulated at the whim of the federal government.

UN official: Tribe not properly heard in pipeline dispute

BISMARCK, N.D. — A United Nations official who visited North Dakota in the wake of months of protests over the disputed Dakota Access oil pipeline believes the concerns and rights of Native Americans haven’t been adequately addressed. North Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum says the state has respected legal protests and that it focused on… Read more »

Trump’s Pipeline and America’s Shame

by Bill McKibbon The Trump Administration is breaking with tradition on so many fronts—renting out the family hotel to foreign diplomats, say, or imposing travel restrictions on the adherents of disfavored religions—that it seems noteworthy when it exhibits some continuity with American custom. And so let us focus for a moment, before the President’s next disorienting tweet,… Read more »